Sunday, 1 May 2011

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Mumus get a bad rap. In fact, I’d venture to guess if you ask most men and women their thoughts on the garment, they’d say that they think of it as little other than a tacky, bright, loose top worn by pregnant women or those trying to hide their figure. Leave it to some stylish California girls to completely revamp what we thought about the mumu. Show Me Your Mumu, designed by two friends, Cologne Schmidt and Cammy Hebert, was founded just about a year ago and has expanded at an incredible pace. Now stocked in dozens of boutiques across the country, we spoke to Schmidt about how they cut their mumus to flatter the female figure, how they went from selling to their friends in 2010 to selling in Barneys Japan in 2011, the impact of appearing on the Elle reality show Stylista,


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lolz, i love the style in which a girl is sleeping,

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