Saturday, 14 May 2011

indian khussa

Color, beauty and utility combine to form the central theme of the well known khussa juttis (Beaded shoes or slippers) of Punjab. Jutti, also known as Mojaris or Pagrakhiyas is the preferred footwear of Punjab. Rich colors, beads, gold and silver threads are used to decorate these juttis crafted from leather of different shades. In many parts of Punjab, some families are in the tradition of making jootis. This craft has been passed on to the scions from generation to generation. Thus we have shoes suited for the snows and mountain paths of Himalaya; broad strong shoes sewn with leather thongs and bright with silk embroidery for the warlike tribes; the slippers with the front toe bent upwards in a spiral (This is the khussa) for the fashion concious; delicate little gold worked shoes for the royal ladies, gorgeous beaded and brocade shoes for the young at heart. These are liked for their colors, patterns, embroidery and durability.

Juttis can be broadly divided into the 


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