Thursday, 19 May 2011

bridal make up

Makeup is surprisingly often an overlooked item when planning one's dream marriage. Brides always focus on planning their outfits, jewellery, hair and mehndi but don’t realise that, to look amazingly stunning on their wedding day they really need to have good makeup applied by a professional. Bridal make up by its very nature is a unique requirement and your make up regime for the big day needs careful thought and consideration. The best approach to make-up for brides is one of corrective, subtle make-up that enhances the bride’s best features & makes her look naturally radiant & beautiful on her big day.
The first thing people notice when they look at a bride – is how stunning and radiant she looks, not her makeup itself. In fact make – up that is too obvious can look overdone and artificial so understated and sophisticated elegance is the name of the game!
Marriage is a very special occasion in a woman’s life where a special glow is imparted on the bride’s face. In the past, it was the friends and relatives who used to help the bride in dressing up for the wedding. However, today, there are professionals who take care of all parts of Bridal Make up.

The professionals first work on a plan to make the bride look her best on the wedding day where each bride is dressed according to her taste and plan. In the past, the Indian Bridal make up comprised only of rose powder, bindi and kajal. Today, brides are made up not using routine sets of make-up and hairstyles but are made up while taking into consideration the bride’s face structure and suitability. The Bridal Make up today comprises of a rising awareness of make up where there are different concepts of beauty and individuality.


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