Monday, 16 May 2011

menz dress shirts

You might be wondering how we can fit 7 trillion different shirt designs into one site. Allow us to explain: Our new shirt concept lets you compose your own tailored shirts to the extent that you can put any piece of fabric on almost any part of your shirt. You will do this using our interactive shirt model. The ShirtsMyWay Experience lets you design truly original men's shirts as you get to decide every detail following an easy step-by-step guide. Think of the shirts as your very own "designer shirts".

You have the option to design classic dress shirts or eclectic fusions. You can combine a variety of colors such as white, black, blue, brown, or pink to create vibrant dress shirts which might even become "fashion shirts". You can quickly customize the collar, cuffs, buttons, buttonholes, monogram, and many more details. Whether you are thinking of words like oxford, cotton, plain, striped, french cuff, button down, slim fit, formal, or business shirts, they all match our style spectrum.

We want you to have fitted shirts, so we have developed a self-measuring tailoring system on our website. You simply get a friend to measure your body following our super easy guide or take out a well fitting shirt from your wardrobe and measure it or select a standard size. You'll, apart from a unique design, be getting great fitting tailor made shirts. Before you even start thinking about going to your local shirtmakers, where you get your bespoke shirts, give us a try first. Be nice to your wardrobe. Get Started.


bred said...

It is a very good and a useful concept. Custom shirt is a good option, as it is well fitted with the measurements and provides an option to create the choice we want. I am using the custom made shirts for my dress shirts, custom design & fit looks great.

Mathews said...

Hey guys,

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san warne said...

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