Saturday, 30 April 2011

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Welcome to nail art designs manufacturers of artificial fingernails! We offer over 5000 brand-name products (Konad, American-Line, Promed, Vylet-Nails, Naileon, NDED, Euro-Line…) of supreme nail salon quality including a 3 year warranty on all electric devices. Wholesaler Login for nail salon and trade with no minimum orders! Save up to 70 % on your orders by simply sending us your business license.  As a business customer you are entitled to purchase our products without labels to offer your own name brand products; to your customers.

Nail Art Design Euro Discount is a leading manufacturer of premium naildesign products for professional use in nailstudios. You will the largest selection of quality brand naildesign products for perfect nailart designs modeling such as Vylet-Nails designs, Konad nail art, Naileon, Euro-Line, American-Line and Promed.

Our easy-to-use designs products as modeling naildesign gels products, acrylic designs and fiberglass designs products leave nothing to be desired. In our category nailart designs you find a large variety of articles as nailart designs rhinestones, naildesign art piercings products, nailart design rings, nailart designs pens, nailart designs stickers, tips products and nailart designs bindis.

A large variety of naildesign products you will also find in our artificial naildesign accessories section. There you find a variety of nailart art design liquids products, nailsdesign art files, naildesign brushes, nail art designs glue products on nailart art designs tips, nail art design tip naildesign cutters products and naildesign oils.

Our UV gel, naildesign french gel, american line nailart design uv gel, VyletNails designs gels products, naildesign euro line art designs gel, naildesign problematic art designs gel products and naildesign art sealing are of the highest naildesign quality and according to state-of-the-art of nailart products naildesign art polymer research which guaranties long lasting enjoyment if applied correctly. Equally important for beautiful looking hands are naildesign art designs cosmetic care products such as hand creams.


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